Lectures on Trading

Ton Schurink has given lectures with Ampersand World, audit companies and at in-house courses with banks with focus on trading and risk and credit management.

Other examples:

Lectures given in 2013:

  •  February Dubai; 3rd Annuel Middle East Grains Congress. “Changing trends in Trade Finance for Grains”
  •  September Geneva University; Master Trading program. “What is trading all about?”
  •  October  Kiev Corporate Governance conference; “Company-investor relationships: a view from the corporate governance perspective and experience of value creation”

Lectures given in 2014:

  •   January Geneva; IFMA. “The role of  Financial Institutions in Commodity Markets”

Master of Arts in International Trading, Commodity Finance and Shipping

He has also given lectures in the Master class of Geneva Trading program. In this lecture he has been dealing with the practical issues of what trading is all about (the 7 pillars of trading with many references to practical issues out of the life of a trader). See also the 2 documents given to the students before the lecture:

  • Day of a wheat trader
  •  Role of a trader

The Master of Arts in International Trading , Commodity Finance and Shipping is designed for individuals who want to work in trading, shipping,  specialized commodity finance banks or services companies related to these activities.

Created in conjunction with the Geneva Trading and Shipping Association (GTSA), this unique program has been designed to respond to a need identified by  Geneva’s commodity trading, commodity finance, and shipping community itself.

It is estimated that 40% of international commodity trading takes place in the Canton of Geneva.

Geneva is the leader in the trade of grains and oil seeds, handling one-third of the global free trade of these commodities. One third of the world’s free oil trade (physical trade) is handled in Geneva. Not to mention coffee, cotton, sugar and other commodities, where Geneva occupies a key role.

More details on http://tradingmaster.ch/